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Digital marketing company in madurai

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Businesses are started with big dreams and aspirations but SKA Enterprise was started due to an itch.

Just like other vagabond individuals I stumbled into the world of advertising and found my footing there.

The mesmerizing creativity and deep consumer insight realms of the advertising world were fascinating but there was an itch; I felt something wasn’t working anymore.

The staggering TRPs and circulations weren’t able to deliver brands the promised results. There were many variables to a brand's success apart from great advertising and...
my itch grew.

The itch led to me jump fences to the brand side where the other 3Ps of marketing; Product, Price, and Place ruled the roost. It was great to understand the real deal of how business operates but the itch persisted. The impact of last mile execution and the entire analytical modules of marketing help the brand in getting the segment and product right but weren't good enough to make the brand stand out and win in a cluttered marketplace. The sync between marketing and advertising wasn’t touching the last mile and creating an impact anymore.

The itch grew larger.

I felt.... "maybe digital was the solution" as it could minutely segment and target consumers with specific brand messages. But most of the digital agencies I worked with were using vanity metrics which had no real business relevance The itch persisted.

I started looking for process, tools and thinking patterns which could combine the best of advertising, digital and core marketing know-how all synced together to deliver real business results.

The search lead me to form SKA Entperise, a digital-first marketing company which combines the best of digital, advertising thought process, marketing consulting & analytics to deliver real business results for brands.
Did the ITCH disappear, NOPE it just grows with each client!


Manikandan Lakshmanan
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